We pride ourselves on our tight-knit, warm and vibrant community. It is one of the things that makes Parker special and unique. 

The sense of family, connection and happiness can be felt as soon as you pass through our red gates. For many families, it is their first time being a part of a larger community and many of the bonds formed last for years beyond preschool. Some of the ways we facilitate this “home away from home” feeling amongst Parker families is by hosting and organizing our parent education workshops series, moms’ and dads’ nights out, our picnic and Halloween Fair in the fall, our annual fundraiser Auction in the spring, and our celebratory end-of-the-year children’s Art Fair.

Parents play an integral role in our school and we view them as partners in each child’s learning journey. Parents and teachers work in tandem, supporting children toward common goals. Our teachers are open and receptive and meet with parents at least twice per year for conferences. Teachers spend many hours preparing for these meetings, documenting and tracking each child’s growth and progress so that we can continue to scaffold each child’s unique development. Our teachers are down-to-earth, friendly and accessible at school, over the phone, or through email should any questions arise.

We welcome parent volunteers at Parker School and we also understand everyone’s schedule is different, so we offer a variety of ways to become involved. Each classroom has various parent participation projects, like sharing a hobby, reading a book, talking about family and culture, or cooking something yummy. Parents looking for deeper involvement join our Board of Directors, Parent Group, or help organize our annual fundraising events. We feel lucky to have such a wealth of talents and experiences in our community and we’re always looking for ways to utilize them!

We build connections with the broader community outside the school through service-learning activities like our annual Adopt-a-Family drive during the holidays, our book drive and our food drive. Two years ago, a group of Parker teachers partnered with the Fabretto Foundation and have been volunteering in underserved after-school programs in Nicaragua each summer. The Parker community has rallied together to raise funds and donate books and materials so the teachers can continue to touch the lives of children in need.