Q. Do you have current student openings? 

A: As of August, 2019, we currently have a few openings. In our afternoon class (1-4pm), we have two openings for children with January 2015 through June 2015 birth dates. In our morning class (9-noon), we have one opening for a child with a January 2016 through June 2016 birth date. We have minimal child care options to extend the day. That said, the answer to this question can change at any time. If you are interested in an opening that may come up this year, fill out a part one application and submit it to us via email or mail. It only takes a few minutes (very basic information). If we do have an opening that would be appropriate for your child, having a part one application allows us to reach you and get the process started.

Q. How much do your programs cost? 

A: You can see our full schedule here. Parker School is happy to be a Preschool For All provider school, enabling qualifying families who may otherwise not be able to afford preschool tuition access to our wonderful programs with significant tuition rebates.


Q. Do you offer tuition assistance?

A: Families are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance. A wide range of families qualify, from those who can afford almost full tuition to those who can afford minimal tuition. Every year we are able to offer partial to full scholarships to multiple families.  You may download a tuition assistance application here.

Tuition assistance applications are due before or on February 1 each year. Applicant families need to submit a copy of their completed taxes from the previous year, W-2s, a monthly budget statement, and any other information that you feel would help the school understand your family’s financial situation.

The tuition assistance review process is completely confidential. If your child is admitted to One Fifty Parker Avenue School, tuition assistance decisions will be noted in your acceptance letter.

Families are asked to resubmit tuition assistance requests each year. We make every effort to maintain the level of support each family receives their first year at Parker School, if the family’s situation remains unchanged.


Q. Is my child eligible for enrollment this year?

A: Please refer to the chart for eligibility requirements.

Screenshot 2018-06-12 15.35.27.png


Q: What can I expect of the school calendar?

A: We run on a traditional school calendar at One Fifty Parker Avenue School & offer summer school for part of the summer. Here are our calendar (and closure) facts:

·      170 days in session for the school year (typical-may very slightly each year)

·      36 weeks in session for the school year (typical)

·      6 weeks of Summer School in June and July (sign up for one or up to three 2 week sessions)

·      The school year runs from the Wednesday after Labor Day through the first Friday in June

·      Total weeks closed in the calendar year: 9 (5 in August;; 2 in Winter;; 1 in June;; 1 in Spring)

·      Federal Holiday Closures (the 4 stand-alone closures): Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Indigenous People’s Day, Independence Day

·      2 parent-teacher conference day closures

·      3 staff development day closures

·      3 day closure during Thanksgiving week

·      Spring break aligns with public schools  

Q: When will I be notified if my child was accepted?

A: Admissions notification letters for fall admissions will be mailed to you in early March.

Parker School works in conjunction with the majority of preschools in the Bay Area to ensure that you get all of your admissions letters around the same time, and can therefore make an equitable, informed decision about your child’s early education. If admitted, the acceptance letter and enrollment forms will have childcare options listed that you may request for the upcoming school year. Limited spaces are available in the lunch program, as priority is given to the returning families’ needs. Full time childcare is typically available, and priority is given to the children of families with two full-time working parents, or single parents. Please let the Director know if childcare is a critical need for your family.

As soon as all of the enrollment forms are received, the Director will notify families of the childcare options that have been confirmed for each child. If all requests are not honored, the child will be placed in the wait pool for the program desired.


Q: What does a wait pool letter mean? What can I expect if I receive one?

A: During admissions, siblings and children of Parker alumni are given special consideration. Other factors such as age, gender, and ethnic and socio-economic diversity play a role as well. Since sibling enrollment takes place at the same time as regular enrollment, we are unable to confirm how many openings exist for new applicants before all of our enrollment forms are received.

The number of available openings for the PM Nursery and Transitional Kindergarten vary from year to year.

Those applicants not offered placement in the AM Nursery when the first acceptance letters are mailed will be asked to return a wait pool request form, indicating whether or not you wish to remain in the wait pool. A wait pool letter means that while we feel your child and family may be a fit for Parker School, we simply do not have enough space to accommodate.

Should an opening occur in the late spring, summer, or fall, only families who have returned a wait pool request form will be considered for placement.

Q: Will you make an exception for my January-born child to join earlier than indicated on the eligibility chart?

A: Unfortunately, we do not slide our date of eligibility at all. Having a child born just beyond a school's age-deadline can feel frustrating to prospective parents. At Parker School, this applies to families with January-born children. We understand the challenge of finding a preschool in San Francisco, that your child is likely ready for a group-experience, and that you are likely in-need of childcare. We are sympathetic and hope you and your child find what you need as immediately as possible ...and we hope that you will consider applying the following year when your child is age-eligible to join us at Parker School.