As children turn four, they are ready to take on new challenges. The PM program builds off the foundation laid in the AM program, while meeting the children at their new developmental levels by offering fun ways to deepen their learning, friendships, and abilities.

Socially, during the PM year children begin to broaden their circle of friends. Teachers are skilled at helping children navigate larger group play, maintaining a classroom culture of inclusiveness, empathy, respect and kindness for others.

The PM program provides children with the ability to recognize, talk about, and share their feelings and emotions, building their self-regulation in age-appropriate ways. Children continue to play freely in all classroom areas for long, uninterrupted stretches during the day, but some structure is added through a second Circle Time, Goodbye Gathering, in which children explore the calendar or discuss curriculum-related happenings. Children are provided with plenty of writing opportunities as their fine motor skills improve.

Through an emergent model, teachers thoughtfully observe and build curricular projects around the children’s interests. Children can choose to be a part of these projects and revisit them over the course of many days or weeks. Through this type of emergent, project-based learning, they hone their skills of teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, knowledge of the physical and natural world, and self-expression as they articulate their ideas through language, art, movement, storytelling, or building.

The Basics:

Children move into our one PM Nursery class in their second year at Parker School: All 24 children in this class begin in September and turn 4 during that calendar year. 4 teachers make up the PM Nursery teaching team. All children in this class attend 5 days a week from 1pm to 4pm.

In addition to the PM Nursery program, childcare options are available daily between one additional hour one day a week to as many as 7.5 additional hours a day each day of the week. Some of these child care options include our Little Red School Bus program. (School is open 7:30-6.) Typically parents make all childcare commitments at the beginning of the year and hold that routine through the year but we can offer some flexibility.