Our Transitional Kindergarten is designed for children who will benefit from an additional year before heading to elementary school. 

The program continues to build on the foundation laid in the child’s first two years at Parker, while introducing elements designed to create an age-appropriate bridge between the preschool and elementary school experiences.  The goal of our TK program is to strike a balance between rich play-based exploration and engaging teacher-directed learning.

In order to accomplish this balance, the TK consists of a longer school day than our other programs.  The morning schedule is carefully crafted to ensure the long periods of uninterrupted free-play that are central to early childhood learning, along with an increase in more structured times of the day.  

We continue the tradition of Circle Time and introduce a second Group Time later in the morning where children have the opportunity to work in small groups.  This Group Time includes emergent curriculum based on the children’s interests and questions, as well as providing the children with the opportunity to experience teacher-led activities.

The TK program provides children with an additional year to cultivate and fine-tune their social and personal development.

The mastery of self-regulation takes time and practice, and teachers endeavor to find the tools that work best for each student.  Our teachers value a classroom culture of self-expression, inclusion, and respect, and strive to ensure that each child feels supported and appreciated for their own unique contributions to the group. 


The Basics:

Children continue on into our one Transitional Kindergarten class as a third year of their Parker School experience. Most TK children are not age eligible to attend Kindergarten (September through December birthdays) although some with summer birthdays may choose Parker's TK and to defer Kindergarten by a year. This is a class of 12 children. 2 teachers make up the TK teaching team. All children in this class attend 5 days a week from 8:30am to 12:45pm.

In addition to the TK program, childcare options are available daily between one additional hour one day a week or as many as 6 additional hours each day all five days of the week. (school is open 7:30-6) TK childcare includes the possibility of one afternoon per week on the Little Red School Bus. Typically parents make all childcare commitments at the beginning of the year and hold that routine through the year but we do have some flexibility.