2019/20 School Year Tuition

Our school year tuition schedule for families is as follows. We are happy to be a Preschool For All provider school, enabling qualifying families who may otherwise not be able to afford preschool tuition access to our wonderful programs with significant tuition rebates. We have Tuition Assistance available for qualifying families and encourage all to apply.


Main Programs: School Year (excludes summer school)

AM or PM Nursery (3 & 4 year olds)
$13,679 *
9:00am - 12pm (AM Nursery)
1pm - 4pm (PM Nursery)


Transitional Kindergarten (5 year olds)
$17,987 *
8:30am - 12:45pm

* Partial to Full Tuition Assistance available.

Childcare Programs (school year)

Extended Care
(AM & TK children: afternoons until 6:00pm)

$16,475 - $17,947 ~ for Five Days per Week*
$3,031 - $3,744 ~ for One Day per Week depending on the program & day.



Little Red School Bus
(PM children: 8:30am - 1:00pm)

$17,699 ~ for Five Days per Week*
$3,312-$3,692 ~ for One Day per Week depending on the day.

Extra Childcare Programs (school year)

Early Care
(7:30am - start of program)

$2,520 - 4,841 ~ Five Days per Week*
$472-$1,010 ~ for One Day per Week depending on the program hours needed & day per week.


Lunch Bunch AM/PM
(12:00pm - 1:00pm)

$622-$693 ~ for One Day per Week depending on the day.


PM Late Care
(4:00pm - 6:00pm)

$6,170 ~ Five Days per Week*
$1,155-$1,287 ~ for One Day depending on the day per week.


Little Red School Bus: TK
(12:45pm - 4:00pm)

$2,360 ~ Wednesdays Only

Application Fee

There is a $75 one-time fee for new applicants.


Tuition Assistance

Families are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance. A wide range of families qualify, from those who can afford almost full tuition to those who can afford minimal tuition. Every year we are able to offer partial to full scholarships to multiple families. You may download a tuition assistance application here.

Tuition assistance applications are due before or on February 1 each year. Applicant families need to submit a copy of their completed taxes from the previous year, W-2s, a monthly budget statement, and any other information that you feel would help the school understand your family’s financial situation.

The tuition assistance review process is completely confidential. If your child is admitted to One Fifty Parker Avenue School, tuition assistance decisions will be noted in your acceptance letter.

Families are asked to resubmit tuition assistance requests each year. We make every effort to maintain the level of support each family receives their first year at Parker School, if the family’s situation remains unchanged.


Preschool For All

One Fifty Parker Avenue School is a proud Preschool For All provider school. As a provider school we are able to give annual tuition reimbursements to the families of all four-year-old children who live in San Francisco, regardless of socioeconomic status. Through the PFA program, we have also created a fund for families whose children may require additional support in the form of outside therapists or specialists, but who may not be able to afford such help. Preschool For All also provides our staff with an array of free professional development opportunities.

At One Fifty Parker Avenue School we strive to provide a engaging and inclusive environment in which children from diverse backgrounds will thrive, and we are honored to be partnered with Preschool For All in order to make that goal more accessible to everyone.